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    Sometime we must criticize and punish the dog for doing something wrong, but the punishment must have a degree, not too much, otherwise it will have a great impact on the dog’s heart. What are the disadvantages of over punishing dogs?

    1. As long as it is punishment, it will have side effects, and make the owner habitually use the dog, resulting in disharmonious pet life.

    2. Punishment will produce conditional punishments: for example, the owner’s hand, stick, newspaper, even the owner’s and dog’s home, just like students are criticized and don’t like school.

    3. Punishment behavior is easy to be imitated: if your children always see you punish the dog, they will think that the dog is a good bully, and they will also imitate your punishment behavior after a long time, sometimes they will hit the dog for no reason, which will have a great impact on the dog.

    4. Punishment is addictive: because punishment has obvious and convenient inhibition effect on behavior, it is easy for users to become addicted and ignore the transience of its effect. Bad behaviors are easy to reproduce after punishment, so that users are more and more dependent on punishment, resulting in a negative vicious circle.

    5. Punishment only tells the dog what he should not do, and does not guide the dog what he should do. So a lot of times punishment can’t change behavior, it will only make dogs afraid of you, even become rebellious. Dogs do wrong to punish, but we should also control a good degree, can’t beat dogs wantonly, this will only make dogs more and more afraid of themselves, for their orders will be more and more disobedient, so don’t punish dogs easily.

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