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    Dog’s snacks can not only help the babies to satisfy their cravings, but also help the owners to enhance their feelings with the dogs by feeding them snacks. What other functions does dog’s snacks have besides satisfying their cravings?

    1. Behavior training. When raising dogs, there are many behaviors that are not innate, but require the owner to conduct the postnatal training, such as fixed-point, or some pleasing actions such as new year’s Eve, thank you, sit down, roll, etc., which are all trained by using pet snacks. With such rewards, we can give them timely With guidance, dogs learn very quickly.

    2. Don’t eat garbage. Generally speaking, greedy dogs or hungry dogs are easy to pick up the garbage outside when they go out, such as steamed buns, cakes, leftover bones and so on, which are thrown on the ground by others. Hunger is a good solution, but what about greedy dogs? At this time, parents can bring a bag of snacks on their body, and the method of using snacks to lure at a proper time can significantly improve the bad habit of dogs eating garbage.

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