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    If feeding dry dog food, it’s best to soften it before feeding food. This is the most important thing in dog’s life, especially for puppies. The choice of dog food for puppies should not only consider whether it can meet the nutritional needs of dogs, but also pay attention to whether dogs will have adverse reactions after eating. Once the dog has diarrhea and vomiting due to eating discomfort, it is likely that the bacteria will take advantage of the situation. At that time, it will not only be a simple problem such as dyspepsia, but also have a serious impact on the dog’s health.
    When the owner dries the dog’s food, he may find that the dog has a strong appetite as if he will never be fed enough. But dog owner afraid of starving my dog, so they will feed a lot. In addition to eating, dogs usually drink a lot of water, while dry dog food will slowly expand when it meets water. Because the small intestine of puppies can’t bear too much food, they start to have diarrhea, diarrhea and other problems, and a lot of gas is produced when their stomach gets cold. In this way, the gastrointestinal mucosa is destroyed, and the intestinal pathogenic bacteria take the opportunity to invade. The formation of habitual repeated laxation and even vomiting, several times down, a large number of fluid loss, serious pulling black stool blood. If no treatment is taken at this time, it will reduce inflammation, stop bleeding, stop vomiting and stop bleeding, resulting in gastric expansion.
    In addition, the virus is likely to attack the dog’s weak body, resulting in the dog suffering from infectious diseases. In fact, to some extent, dry dog food is equivalent to the nature of compressed biscuits. It will expand after encountering water, and its volume is several times of that of dry feed. Dogs often chew and swallow food, so that the food is completely digested by gastric juice, and the digestive glands of puppies are not fully developed, especially shortly after weaning. In addition, puppies do not have a degree of assurance about the degree of food satiety. Of course, canine distemper sometimes does not attack itself, which has a lot to do with the dog owner’s incorrect feeding.

    If the dog has diarrhea due to eating dry dog food, if the treatment is not effective, it must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. How to prevent diarrhea for the puppy:
    1. It must start from the diet first, and avoid directly feeding the compressed dry dog food. The dog food should be soaked with warm water in the way of instant noodles, and then the dog food should be poured out after it is fully inflated.
    2. Dogs should not drink a lot of water and exercise after eating. Cold is the catalyst of diarrhea. When the weather gets cold, you need to put cushions in the kennel to keep the puppies warm.
    3. In case of diarrhea, stop feeding for at least a few hours, and then feed some sugar and salt water (add 1g of salt and 10g of multi-dimensional glucose into every 100ml of rice soup) or the OTC counter of the prescription to buy the oral salt supplement solution. The powder mixed with water must be 500ml later. Feed the side of the needle tube, 10-15ml every hour, never cut off the water.
    4. The stomach and abdomen are hot pressed with warm water bags to help expel the flatulence, and oral xiaozhangduozyme tablets are used to help the flatulence. If the number of times of thinning is increased, berberine can be taken orally 15 mg / kg body weight.
    5. Pay special attention to the warm keeping measures at night. If possible, it is better to use dog house, wrap its abdomen, cover the quilt tightly, and block the air outlet with cloth curtain at the door of the house. If there is no condition, light the outside of the cage with a bulb of more than 40W, and surround it with a cloth curtain. Make sure you don’t get cold to prevent the disease from getting worse. Most puppies die in the middle of the night.
    6. If the dog still hasn’t improved after the above measures, it’s better to take the dog to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. After all, our personal ability is limited, so it’s better to let the doctor solve some problems.

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