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    In fact, there are various enzymes in the dog’s body to help the body digest and absorb nutrients. However, with the decrease of some food intake, the activity of some enzymes will become lower and lower, and finally the enzyme will be lacking. This is also the reason why if we don’t drink milk for a long time, but suddenly drink a certain amount of milk, diarrhea will appear. The function of digestive enzymes is to decompose food so that it can be absorbed and utilized by the body. When dogs eat raw meat and other food, their body functions will be active, and their bodies will produce a lot of beautiful things to help them digest and absorb. The cooked food itself is lack of enzymes, so the body will consume the enzymes it has stored in order to digest these foods. If the digestive enzymes are not supplemented for a long time, then there may be indigestion and poor appetite.

    Usually in addition to feeding dog food, we can also properly feed other beneficial food probiotics. We believe that probiotics are not new, mainly a kind of bacteria beneficial to the gut. Probiotics can prevent harmful and useless bacteria from destroying the balance of the body. Probiotics can effectively eliminate E. coli and other harmful bacteria. But probiotics are killed by antibiotics, so that’s one of the reasons why antibiotics work well, but many owners are reluctant to use them. Supplementation of probiotics can effectively improve the intestinal function of dogs, so this is why we often say that we should not feed milk to dogs, but we can feed yogurt to dogs, because yogurt also contains a certain amount of probiotics to help dogs digest their intestines.
    There are many ways to buy enzymes and probiotics, including healthy food stores, vitamin stores, pharmacies, etc. Look for products that contain a lot of active ingredients and have no additives, dairy products, sugar, etc. Of course, remember to follow the doctor’s advice or instructions when using. Don’t use the medicine casually according to your own feelings, but let the dog have adverse reactions. Most of the time, the enzyme is sprinkled on the food before feeding. As for probiotics, it is better to use them in the dining interval. It is better to refrigerate them after use.

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