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    There should not be too many sweet food feeding places. Many dog lovers are willing to share their food with the dog. Whether it’s cold drinks, biscuits or other snacks, they will not hesitate to feed the dog. In fact, the taste of dogs is not very sensitive. Many foods do not stimulate their taste, so they eat food instinctively. Sweets are a kind of snacks that we usually eat, so it may be sweets that dogs are most exposed to, but it is not good for dogs to eat too much sweets.
    1. It is easy to cause dog tooth decay: Even if we brush our teeth every day, there is still a possibility of tooth decay when we eat too many sweets, let alone dogs do not brush their teeth every day as we do. It is believed that few owners will clean their dogs’ teeth regularly, but if they don’t clean their teeth for a long time after eating sweets, it will cause some corrosion to the dogs’ teeth and cause tooth decay. Not only that, but it can also lead to periodontitis and bad breath.
    2. Easy to cause depilation: Eating too much sugar or eating foods like cakes that contain a lot of sugar will increase the burden on dogs’ intestines and stomach, which will cause metabolism disorder and endocrine disorder of dogs, thus causing depilation of dogs. Don’t give dogs sweets that can’t be eaten.
    3. Cause dog obesity: Sweets are the main culprit of our obesity, which also have an impact on dogs. In addition, obesity can induce a series of diseases, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia and so on. Especially when dogs are old, obesity will bring a lot of inconvenience to their lives. In addition, not all sugar dogs can eat. Some soft candy is better not to feed dogs. First of all, this kind of candy has a strong viscosity, and it is easy to stick to the dog’s teeth. If it is only stuck to the teeth, the impact is small. If it is stuck to the throat, it is easy to cause the dog to suffocate, which leads to death.
    In addition, sweets like chocolate are undoubtedly a poison for dogs, so never feed them. Sweets have a great influence on the dog’s health, so the owner needs to feed carefully at ordinary times. It’s harmless to occasionally feed some sweets, but don’t overdo them. In addition, those sweets that can’t be fed to dogs should not be touched by dogs, so as to avoid poisoning.

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