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    Dogs are usually excited when they see food when they are hungry, so if they are not interested in food or refuse to eat, we should pay attention to it and find out what causes it. So let’s talk about the factors that affect the dog’s eating.

    1. The first is feed. For example, the feed is single, not fresh, with peculiar smell, etc., and the dog will not eat it. There are also a large number of chemical condiments in the feed, or aromatic, spicy and other substances with irritant odor, as well as especially sweet or salty food, which will affect the appetite of dogs.

    2. The second is that the feeding place is not suitable. If there is strong light, noise, several dogs competing for food together, strangers present or other animal interference, dogs will refuse to eat.

    3. The third is the cause of the disease. If the above reasons are ruled out, and the appetite of the dog is not improved, then we should consider whether it is caused by the disease. At this time, we should pay attention to observe whether there is any abnormality in all parts of the dog’s body, so as to find out the problem in time and ask the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment in time.

    Therefore, the freshness and smell of the food itself, the surrounding environment and the dog’s own physical condition will affect the dog’s eating. So the first thing we have to make sure is that the dog’s food is fresh enough, and the surrounding environment won’t disturb them. If the dog refuses to eat despite these two factors, it’s better to take them to the hospital for examination.

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