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    Often hear from their friends about the color of their dogs when they were young. Why can’t they grow hair? So what’s the reason for the quality of their hair? There are many opinions on the problem of hair quality, which are described in detail below.

    There are many factors that can affect the quality of dog’s coat, so we must completely eliminate them.

    1. There has been a saying that applying protein to a dog’s hair will make it shiny. In fact, when protein is used to coat the hair of Yorkshire or marzias, once it is dry, the hair will split and break, and on the contrary, it will damage the hair quality, damage the hair root, make the hair darker, and sometimes cause skin diseases such as dermatitis.

    2. Single Type of Food. Many families will consider the dog’s taste and only give it the food they like. This will cause serious malnutrition and damage dog hair quality to a great extent.

    3. Too frequent bathing. Frequent bathing will wash off the oil layer used to protect the hair and skin, and may cause skin diseases, and also make the hair dry and bifurcated.

    4. The acid-base values of human skin and dog skin are different when using the bath or shampoo used by human is not suitable for dogs. If you use this shampoo, it will seriously damage your dog’s skin.

    5. As people do, excessive anxiety can also cause depilation and hair quality deterioration. It’s important to help them stay happy all the time.

    6. Bad health habits. Bad health habits such as not combing hair frequently and not taking a bath on time will damage the dog’s hair quality and even the health of the dog.

    7. The dry living environment will make the dog lose water and cause the coat to dry, resulting in rough hair and split hair. As the most extreme case, almost all skin diseases and some medical problems will damage the dog’s hair quality.

    8. With the increase of age. With the increase of age, the hair color of dogs is the same as that of people. When people get old, their hair will naturally turn white. When dogs get old, their hair quality will become worse.

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