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    Some owners of Japanese sharp billed dogs may feed other food besides their own dog food, but not all the food we feed can be digested well, which may lead to indigestion and vomiting.

    Therefore, it is necessary for us to know what kind of food is difficult for dogs to digest, so that we can effectively avoid some situations during the breeding process. First of all, squid, octopus, jellyfish, konjaku, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and other foods can not be given to dogs at will, because these foods may not only cause indigestion of dogs, but also easily cause vomiting of dogs, so this kind of food must not be given to dogs blindly. Secondly, the bones of chickens, ducks, fish and other birds should not be given to dogs. This small and sharp bone is not easy for dogs to chew. It is not easy to digest, but it will easily get stuck in the throat, and it will also cut the intestines and stomach.

    Therefore, these foods can not be fed to them. In addition, almonds, peaches, wild mold, balsam pear, plums, plums, mushrooms are not conducive to the digestion of dogs, so also pay attention. Food safety is very important for keeping pets. Improper diet may cause many problems for dogs. In many cases, it is also from the mouth. Therefore, we should pay more attention to food safety.

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