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    As the weather turns cold, many owners dress their dogs in all kinds of gorgeous clothes. But to a large extent, we dress our dogs just to meet our own preferences and vanity. Do dogs really need to wear these colorful clothes? Maybe dressing for a short haired dog has a certain effect on keeping out the cold, but for a long haired dog, it is not necessary to dress for it. Doing so will have a certain impact on them.

    What are the hidden dangers of dressing for a dog?
    1. For a long haired dog, it’s easy to knot the hair when running with clothes on. If you don’t comb carefully, you can’t return to a smooth hair state.

    2. For short haired dogs, if the clothes they wear are too tight or the material is too hard, and the skin of the dog rubs against the clothes for a long time, it may cause skin diseases of the dog, such as allergies, itching, peeling, etc.

    3. Dogs who wear clothes for a long time will slowly adapt to the response to temperature changes after wearing clothes, which may affect the growth of their own hair, thus reducing the cold resistance of their fur.

    4. If you wear chemical fiber clothes, static electricity will be generated when the dog’s fur and chemical fiber clothes are rubbed, which is easy to absorb dust, make the dog’s fur dirty, and static electricity will generate sparks.

    5. Some owners often don’t pay much attention to the cleaning of clothes. If the dog’s clothes are not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, which often causes the dog’s skin problems. So we don’t need to pay much attention to the dog’s clothes. Making the dog adapt to the environment can not only improve their adaptability to the environment, but also better promote the growth of their coat.

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