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    In fact, no matter where they live, there are certain security risks. Even if they are kept at home, there are still many potential factors affecting their safety. Because dogs don’t know what will do harm to them, it may be more dangerous at home than outside. Following will show you the hidden dangers of household products to dogs.

    1. Hot water bottle: few people don’t see the explosion of the hot water bottle. The hot water splashes like a small bomb. Dogs like to run around at home, and like to chew all kinds of things. If there is a hot water bottle nearby, it will be very dangerous. The dog doesn’t know the strength of the thermos. If he accidentally touches the thermos, even if he is not scalded by the splashing boiling water, he will be stabbed by the broken bottle gall.

    2. Plastic bags: dogs like to bite and devour all kinds of things, and plastic bags are hard to digest. If dogs swallow plastic bags, it is likely to cause intestinal obstruction.

    3. Dragline board: dogs are very curious. They always like to smell things and smell things. If they accidentally touch the dragline board, they are likely to get electric shock.

    4. Disposable lighter: we know that the disposable lighter will explode under pressure. If the dog treats it as a toy and chews it, it will probably hurt the dog.

    5. Jewelry: if your necklace and ring are stolen, and your doors and windows are closed, the lock is intact, and nothing else is missing, you should take your pet dog to the hospital for an X-ray before you call the police. Your belongings may be hidden in its belly!

    6. Kitchen: the knife on the kitchen board may cut the skin and meat of the pet, the unknown object in the trash can may eat the belly of the pet, the boiled water in the water bottle and the fragments of glassware and tableware may hurt the pet.

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