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    It’s easy to find the dog by injecting the chip into the dog. Although we have repeatedly stressed that it’s best to help the dog to put on the traction rope when taking the dog out, some owners think that their dog is good enough, obedient enough or for the sake of the dog’s “freedom” and always leave this matter behind. Although some dogs are usually well educated, we can’t guarantee 100% that there will be no unexpected situation, which will frighten the dogs and run away. If this happens, it will be too late to regret.

    What are the reasons for the loss of dogs?
    1. Frightened escape: This is a relatively common situation, such as the sudden sound of firecrackers; noisy car and flute are all the reasons for the dogs to escape. This is an instinctive escape response. Even if you can do some corresponding training at ordinary times, it will cause the dog to be frightened if it appears too suddenly.
    2. Excessive curiosity: Dogs are often full of curiosity about new things. Some dogs are like wild horses without leash. You can’t call them back even if you break your throat. In addition, dogs are very interested in fast-moving objects. In case of a small fast-moving animal suddenly appearing on the road, dogs may rush up quickly. If the small animals are pets of other people’s houses, it is inevitable for the dogs to have a debate after they are injured. Even if the little animal has no owner, we will not know where the dog is chasing the little animal all the way. It may take some time to find the dog again.
    3. The owner is too careless: When taking the dog out, it is inevitable to meet some acquaintances on the road, so there is a certain amount of talking time. At this time, the owner’s nerves are often relaxed, so the spirit can’t be all on the dog. Even if the leash is tied, the strength in the hand may not be great. At this time, once the dog sees something of interest, it’s quite easy to break free.
    4. Being seduced by food: It’s needless to say that dogs are greedy. Some people with ulterior motives will also use this to abduct dogs. Once the dogs are separated from the owner’s advance, these people will lure the dogs with food and take them to the place where no one can see them. It’s hard to imagine how they will subdue the dogs. Usually do a good recall training.

    How to avoid dog loss?
    1. Try to take the dog on a familiar road. We usually take the dog out of the house, especially at night, it’s better to take the dog for a walk in a familiar place, so even if the dog is accidentally lost, the dog may find its way back.
    2. Usually do more recall training. On weekdays, make sure to teach the dog the habit of running back immediately when he hears the owner calling the dog’s name. This training has a good effect on preventing the dog from losing. Do a good job of anti food training.
    3. Injecting chips for dogs or wearing a good dog tag. A dog who has injected chips can be said to have registered permanent residence. As long as you scan the chips at the relevant places, the information can be displayed well (provided that you meet a kind person). In addition, there are many dog brands tailored for dogs on the market. It can be embroidered with the dog’s name, owner’s name and contact information. This way, even if the dog is lost, others can find you through the contact information on the dog tag.
    4. Do a good antifeeding training. This training is also very helpful to prevent the dog from losing, and should also train the dog to refuse to eat stranger’s food at ordinary times. Although some passers-by are in a good mood, the food they feed is not good for the dog’s health, and even has some harm. However, some owners are not good at refusing. If the dog refuses, it will reduce some embarrassment.

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