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    Schnauzer are lively and energetic. If you have a sherry, they will definitely be your best partner. However, to get along well with schnauzer, their optimistic nature is not enough. The owner must first understand the living habits of Schnauzer.

    Home raised Schnauzer has been dealing with human beings since birth, and we also call such behaviors socialization. They may only need to get along with their masters at first, and learn the basic skills of how to live in the human family. In addition, they will learn how to get along with their brothers, sisters and parents, which will be very important for them in the next decade. If a dog has not been in contact with a human for two months after birth, such a dog is more difficult to tame after being adopted home by its owner.

    Like all dogs, there will be hierarchy in the community. When raising more than one schnauzer, the owner should pay special attention to the hierarchy of the dog population. In the beginning, dogs may have some fights when they establish their status. The owners can do without intervention. When they establish their social status, there will be no more similar fights. Dogs with lower status will submit to dogs with higher status, while dogs with higher status will shoulder the responsibility of protecting other dogs. Although there is no need to worry about territorial issues for home-based schnauzer, they still have a sense of territory, which we can see from their marking behavior. Many dogs will mark the owner’s home as their territory. Once a strange animal intrudes, they will warn the intruder, “this is my territory, you have to be careful.”

    In general, the marking behavior of female dogs is not as obvious as that of male dogs, but they will attract the attention of male dogs by marking during the estrus. When a dog has an estrus, they may “move” to other dogs when the owner walks them, such as sniffing the external genitals. If you want your dog to have children, you can prepare for breeding in advance. If you don’t want your dog to have offspring, you can choose to sterilize the dog. Neutering can not only prolong the life of the dog, but also avoid some reproductive system diseases.

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