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    Originated in the Scottish border, Scottish shepherd dog began to be paid attention to and liked by more people after 1840. In 1860, Birmingham first exhibited and became a sensation in the world. In 1940, it was popular in the world. Up to now, Scottish Shepherd is still the preferred pet dog. Scottish Shepherd dog has its own life habits and character characteristics, which is the biggest difference between it and other dogs. It has been concluded that the Scottish shepherd dog is a synonym for intelligence, alertness, loyalty and kindness. Because in life, Scottish Shepherd knows how to slander and watch color, is loyal to his master, patient with his children, and alert to strangers. On the whole, the Scottish shepherd is a very gentle and lovely dog, and people are particularly easy to get along with it.

    Moreover, Scottish Shepherd was born with a kind and gentle personality, which made him better accept the master’s education and get along well with his family. For the first time, Scottish Shepherd had his own character. For example, Scottish Shepherd’s mood of estrus will become restless. He likes to pee everywhere and bark when he is in estrus. Scottish Shepherd also has the instinct to dig the earth, which is inseparable from the nature of dogs.

    At the same time, Scottish Shepherd dog is also used to nibbling something. If it can’t find the right thing to nibble, it will nibble on shoes, bed sheets, etc., so we have to teach it not to nibble things. Although the character of Scottish Shepherd dog is restricted by heredity and nature, scientific and strict training from childhood can also lead Scottish Shepherd to develop better living habits. For example, when Scottish Shepherd was young, he could guide him to eat, sleep and excrete in a fixed place, train him to refuse to eat and not to bite things, and let him know how to follow and hold things when he was young. Guide the Scottish shepherd dog to develop a better life habit and get along well with his family!

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