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    Control the weight of the bulldog. The shape of the Bulldog is very special. Some people don’t like the appearance, but some people like this type of dog very much. Bulldog itself belongs to a relatively fat constitution, so the owner must pay more attention to weight control.
    1. Selection of Bulldog. Generally, dogs should be purchased in regular kennels as much as possible, so that we can better observe the dog’s state, and more intuitively understand whether the dog exists the same. Although we can learn about dogs’ appearance on the Internet, we know nothing about their health problems.
    2. To provide a balanced diet. For dogs, the more variety the better. Although dog food is not the best taste food, it is relatively balanced. In addition, we can occasionally provide some meat or fruit to the dog, which can supplement the relevant nutrition. In addition, dogs are advised to eat less and eat more. It is very important to form good eating habits.
    3. To manage the dog’s weight well. Bulldog itself is a relatively fat breed, so in addition to diet management, we should also reasonably arrange the dog’s exercise. We can provide some ball toys for dogs to chase these balls.
    4. Cleaning and care are very important. Although the coat of the Bulldog is short, for the sake of hygiene and cleaning, it is necessary to comb the fur of the dog every day. Not only that, every other week, but also to help dogs clean earwax, eyes, manicure nails and so on. If the dog seldom goes out at ordinary times, there is no special burial dirt on his body, he can usually wipe it with a wet towel. In addition, the body structure of the Bulldog is somewhat different from that of the general dog. There are many folds on the face, neck and some parts of the body, which are easy to hide dirt and filth. We must pay attention to these areas. If you don’t deal with it for a long time, it is easy to get infection and inflammation. Make sure the skin is dry to prevent skin diseases caused by too wet wrinkles.
    5. In summer, attention should be paid to prevent heatstroke. Bullfighting dogs are quite afraid of heat. In addition, bullfighting dogs have short noses. Therefore, heatstroke may occur more easily in summer. Therefore, in the hot summer to do a good job in dog cooling work, but also to keep indoor ventilation. The common symptom of heat stroke in Bulldog is dyspnea, so don’t neglect the importance of cooling.
    6. It is also very important to clean the anal gland regularly. If not, you can seek the guidance of a professional beautician or a veterinarian. When it is found that dogs are often difficult to stand and even have the condition of their butts grinding the floor, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the dogs have anal gland inflammation.
    7. Pay attention to eye problems. Dogs like Bulldogs are prone to eye diseases, such as entropion, trichiasis, etc. Usually pay attention to clean the dog’s eyes, and observe whether the dog’s tears increase. It is found that trichiasis should be handled as early as possible to prevent excessive tears and tear marks.
    8. Prevention of skin diseases is also a common problem for Bulldogs, so it is necessary to clean the Bulldogs regularly, especially the wrinkles. Don’t ignore the wrinkles after bath. Blow them dry completely, otherwise it will lead to skin diseases.

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