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    It’s hot in summer. Facing the high temperature, people are very uncomfortable, let alone dogs. So some pet owners will choose to let the dog blow the air conditioner, shave the dog or bathe the dog frequently in order to cool the dog. In fact, these are all wrong. Following will talk about some mistakes in cooling dogs.
    Mistake 1: Take a bath often and don’t blow dry after washing. Many parents are afraid that the dog will feel hot, and they will often help the dog to take a bath because they are afraid that they sweat and smell all over their body. Sometimes they don’t blow dry the dog’s hair to make the dog cool. These are all wrong practices. First of all, there are no sweat glands on dogs. Even in summer, they will not have peculiar smell due to perspiration. Regular Bathing will only damage the grease protective layer on the skin of dogs, making their skin vulnerable to bacteria. Second, if the hair on dogs is not dried and blown dry in time after bathing, it will easily lead to the growth of bacteria, which is also the same for dogs Species hazards.

    Mistake 2: Often let dogs stay in the air-conditioned room. Although it is said that letting dogs stay in the air-conditioned room can effectively help dogs cool down and avoid heatstroke, but dogs who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time are also prone to suffer from air-conditioning disease, especially dogs who have just been out in the sun for a long time, can not return to the air-conditioned room immediately.

    Mistake 3: Shave the dog in summer. Many parents think the dog’s hair is very hot, so they shave all the dog’s hair in summer. But in fact, this does not make the dog feel cool, and it will also make the dog’s skin directly exposed to the sun, making the skin vulnerable to UV.

    Mistake 4: Improve dog’s habit of drooling in summer. In summer, dogs adjust their body temperature by sticking out their tongue and gasping for breath, so there will be a lot of drooling, which are normal phenomena. Although the behavior is very annoying in the eyes of the owner, it really does not need to be corrected.

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