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    You usually do the dog’s intimacy behavior, the dog may be very annoying, because some of the dog’s nature does not like to be too intimate with humans. Following will talk about some of the most annoying things about dogs.

    The first thing: Hate hugging .When many people see cute puppies or dogs, the first reaction is to hold them in their arms in the past, but in fact, holding them in this way will only make them feel bound, and there is no hug in their world. Of course, maybe some dogs don’t hate it. But don’t always hold others.

    The second thing: touching the head of a dog is a very common thing, but some dogs don’t like this action. Imagine that someone is always touching your head, would you like to?

    The third thing: the dog doesn’t like to be stared at all the time, which makes them nervous, especially when they are stared at by strangers, Dogs will feel uncomfortable and may even think they will be attacked by aggression.

    The fourth thing: go out for a walk but can’t smell and explore. Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, and they can also sense a lot of things from the smell, plus the dogs are very curious, so when they go out, they will smell everywhere and explore the surrounding environment. But some owners are very impatient to pull them away, and end the walk at the fastest speed, which will only make the dog feel bound, of course, will not like it.

    Fifth: forcing dogs to interact with people / animals they don’t like. In fact, like us, there are always people and things they don’t like. If someone has to force you to do something they don’t like, or to meet people they don’t like, you must be reluctant, and dogs may attack directly.

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