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    Guard dog, we know that there are many kinds of dogs, such as golden hair, husky, Samo, Pomeranian, Poodles and so on. Each kind of dog has its own personality and temperament, and some are bigger and some are smaller. According to the temperament, character and body size of dogs, some dogs can act as gatekeepers, while others can’t. Following are the list of dogs that are suitable for use as watchdog dogs.

    German shepherd dog is a kind of wolfhound. It has a high IQ and a steady personality. It is also recognized as a police dog and military dog in the world. As a watchdog dog, it is absolutely no problem. A small editor has a German Shepherd before, and a house guard is a good hand. When strangers come home, they keep shouting.

    The Chinese garden dog is our Chinese garden dog. Chinese garden dogs are gentle, not easy to attack humans, can live in groups, strong regional, easy to raise, high loyalty, and not easy to have skin diseases. It is widely used in the countryside as a caretaker and an early hunter.

    Border Collie Border Collie is smart, alert, energetic, warm and loyal to the owner, but always alert to strangers. It can not only become an excellent pet dog, companion dog, but also be competent for the work of guard dog. Besides, the border collie needs a lot of exercise and is suitable for living outdoors.

    Labrador Labrador is of medium size, and its good physical quality helps it become an excellent hunting dog; its strong physique and excellent physical quality enable it to cope with the hard working environment and work for the hunters for a long time. Steady and calm, intelligent and smart character can also be competent for the work of watchdog.

    The Rottweiler is a muscular, loyal and fearless breed of dog. It has the instinct to protect its family. It can be a good guard dog. But remember that only after good training can the Rottweiler listen to you.

    Doberman is energetic, alert, intelligent, loyal and obedient. Dubin is a brave man with a terrifying cry. So, barking itself is enough to keep strangers at a distance. If suspicious people don’t leave, they will start to attack, so it’s very suitable to be a watchdog.

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