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    Even though most dogs play the role of pets, the living environment is very different from before, but many habits left over from the past still remain unchanged. So maybe a lot of strange actions in our eyes are normal behaviors for them. It is also very helpful for us to understand the nature of dogs.
    1. In the past, many dogs were trained as hunters’ hunting assistants, so they are very sensitive to fast-moving objects. So even today’s dogs will catch up with running animals or fast-moving cats. It is also using the nature of dogs, we will use the ball to play for dogs, let dogs chase the moving ball, so as to exercise.
    2. Sometimes the dog will eat grass. This situation should be met by many owners when walking the dog. This does not mean that the dog likes to eat grass, but that eating grass can help the dog to digest better. It also means that the dog’s stomach may be uncomfortable and needs to eat some grass to ease it. For this problem, it’s better to know whether someone has sprayed pesticide on the grass recently. If so, don’t let the dog near the grass, so as to avoid poisoning after eating by mistake.
    3. There is a hierarchy concept. Dogs have their own hierarchy concept, so in the process of raising dogs, they can’t fully comply with their wishes. If dogs make mistakes, they should criticize and educate. It’s a big disadvantage for dogs to cultivate their behavior habit to be tolerant.
    4. Compared with other creatures, dogs are more alert to distinguish an object or creature. Besides smell, dogs can also judge by their body shape. If we want to be friendly to dogs, don’t stand and stare them in the eyes. Squat down and look at other places of the dogs, which may make it easier for them to accept you.
    5. Judging things usually depends on smell first. It can be said that smell is the biggest dependence of dogs. When two strange dogs meet, they will smell each other’s bodies to obtain relevant information. Searching for objects or food is also done by their sensitive sense of smell.

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