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    Dogs are in their old age after they are ten years old. Like humans, dogs will gradually lose their physical functions and suffer from various diseases. Even Alzheimer’s can be found in dogs. Following will talk about the omens of Alzheimer’s in dogs.

    First, starting to urinate on the ground. Generally speaking, the owners will teach the dogs to urinate at a fixed point, and the young ones can do it well, but if the owners find that the dogs start to urinate on the ground, they need to pay attention to it, because this is not because the dogs are making trouble with you, but because the dogs may suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, if the age has not reached the old age, it is to be angry with you again.

    Second, functional degradation. Functional degradation here refers to the various functions of the dog’s body. For example, if you find that your dog’s eyesight starts to get worse, you often bump into things, suffer from hearing loss, do not respond to your cry, or even start to lose the sense of direction. It means that the dog has entered old age, and it is likely that he has developed Alzheimer’s disease. < strong

    Third, eating abnormally. It is necessary to pay special attention to taking care of dogs in the old age. If dogs can eat as well as before, it is not necessary to worry too much, but if dogs start to eat less, the owners need to pay special attention.

    Fourth, poor obedience. If the docile dog suddenly starts to attack or has other abnormal behaviors, it means that the dog has developed Alzheimer's disease.

    Fifthly, sleeping often after the dog enters the old age, he will not be as keen on sports as before. It is normal to extend the time of sleeping and rest, but if the owner finds that sleeping has occupied most of his time, he needs to pay attention.

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