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    It is always a worrying problem to choose the suitable insect repellent for the dog’s age. Once the dog gets sick, many owners are afraid. Parasite is one of the common problems in dogs. If the internal parasite is not cleaned, it may lead to poor growth and development of dogs. If the external parasite is not cleaned, it may also lead to skin problems.
    However, there is always a certain risk in medication use. What problems will puppies encounter when they are treated with deworming. There is a certain amount of toxicity in the drug, but this kind of toxicity generally does not cause much impact. However, some puppies are not in good physical condition. After eating the insect repellent, they may suffer from poor spirit and appetite. However, usually, this situation will gradually improve after 2-3 days. If the situation does not improve, it is likely that the dog has some physical problems before feeding insect repellents, which leads to potential problems. So whether it’s a vaccine or a deworming, try to do it in a healthy condition. Some dogs may vomit after taking insecticides, which is also a normal phenomenon. Observe whether there is parasite in vomit.
    In addition, you should also observe the poop condition of the dog to see if there are any eggs or adults. If not, it indicates that the poop condition is OK. It’s not to say that there will be some worms after they are fed with anthelmintics, so some owners don’t have to worry about it. As for in vitro anthelmintics, it is relatively safe, but it should also be noted that some in vitro anthelmintics also have age restrictions. Some insect repellents are not suitable for dogs that are too small, or they may have poisoning symptoms.

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