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    At the beginning of spring, everything recovers. The dog who has spent the whole winter at home can finally go out and play again. But pet owners and friends need to pay attention, because the weather is getting warmer gradually, and all kinds of bacteria and viruses are also rampant, so we must do a good job in protection. Today, I’m going to talk about the precautions for keeping dogs in spring. Let’s take a look. Precautions for dog keeping in spring.

    1. Dog estrus. Spring is the estrus period for dogs. During this period, when walking the dog, you must wear a traction rope to prevent the dog from running around because of the estrus problem. In addition, if the female dog is kept in the home, it is better to put on physiological pants for the dog when walking outside.

    2. Dog hair changing in spring. Spring is a period of dog hair changing. At this time of year, they will retreat their heavy cold resistant fluff to welcome the hot summer. So at this time, the owners should pay special attention to combing their hair every day. If the dog’s hair can’t be cleaned in time, it will easily lead to new hair and old hair tangled together to form a knot, which will affect the permeability of the dog’s fur and easily cause skin problems.

    3. Diet attention. Spring is the season for dogs to grow and develop, so the owner should pay special attention to supplement enough nutrition for dogs in this period. That is to say, in addition to the normal diet, dogs should also be supplemented with some protein and other nutrients, but it is not to say that they should be fed with large fish and large meat. During this period, they must pay attention to the meat and vegetable combination to ensure the nutrition balance is the most important.

    4. Pay attention to insect repellent. In spring, when the weather is wet and warm, fleas and other parasites are very easy to breed, so when taking dogs out, you must avoid them running to play in the bush. At home, we should also pay attention to keep ventilation, pay attention to the cleaning of dog supplies and kennel and it is better to disinfect regularly. In addition, the owner also needs to pay attention to the regular in vivo and in vitro deworming.

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