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    Some pet owners are afraid that they will be lonely at home because they don’t have time to go to work during the day, so they want to have another dog to accompany them, but they are also worried about whether they can get along well with each other and everyone. Following will talk about the precautions for keeping two dogs.

    First of all, we need to understand a truth: the same sex repels, the opposite sex attracts. If you want to have another dog, you can choose a different sex from the old dog! Don’t say let the dog do something, it’s basically impossible! If you don’t fight, you’re lucky. The chance of being a good basic friend is the same as winning the prize! When you choose the opposite sex dog, you need to pay attention to the dog corresponding to the age of the old dog, and the body size should not be much different, or dogs will bully each other! After the new dog enters the house, don’t forget the old dog when you are busy taking care of the new dog. This will make the old dog’s jealousy soar, and the consequences will be unimaginable! The best way is to take a good bath, feed and bathe the old dog after the new dog enters the house. All kinds of services should be in place, so as to reduce its vigilance, make the new dog realize the status of the old dog, and there will be no competition!

    Problems encountered by new dogs at home and solutions to them:
    Old dogs repel new dogs Still very high! So the old dog won’t take the new dog seriously!
    The old dog is too enthusiastic about the new dog? Will be extremely enthusiastic about new dogs, usually at this time, the excrement officer needs to separate them, do not have direct contact best, after slowly getting familiar with them, it is not too late to contact again!
    It is very common for new dogs to bully old dogs. Usually we can avoid this situation when we choose new dogs! You can choose to see if the dog has strong possessive desire. If so, you need to train, or it will be troublesome for him to enter the house!

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