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    Poodle, also known as poodle, is a smart and lively dog. It has a good temperament, is easy to get close to people, and is a smart and elegant dog. Following will talk about the precautions for raising poodles.

    1. Special attention should be paid to the diet of poodles dogs. When they reach 12 weeks old, they should be fed 3 times a day. When they reach 6 months old, they can be fed 2 meals a day. When they reach 9 months old, they can be fed 1 meal or 2 meals a day according to their personal or environment. Because the hair of poodle is easy to fade, the diet of poodle needs to be light and low salt. It is recommended to select some natural dog food containing deep sea fish oil and light and low salt as the main food when selecting dog food, so as to effectively prevent fading and restore the hair color.
    2. Sports breeding poodle dog should ensure to take it out for exercise for at least one hour every day, which can ensure its physical fitness and health. If not, it is recommended not to raise poodle, because the poodle who has not been fully exercised will be demolished due to his energy, so the breeding poodle should take him out for sports every day.
    3. The hair of the poodle is curly, so the pet mainly combs its hair every day, otherwise it is easy to knot, so the nursing and beauty work of the poodle needs to be done regularly. If you are lazy, it’s better not to raise the poodle.
    4. The foot of the fractured poodle is very long and thin, so it is easy to fracture. Because of this, the poodle should be fed with calcium every day, so as to make its bone better. Calcium powder can be added to the daily dog food or calcium tablet can be directly fed to the poodle. These are the precautions for raising poodles.

    It is reminded that not to feed human food for poodles, especially ice cream and dairy products, or it will easily lead to thinning.

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