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    Chihuahua is small and easy to raise, but as a parent, you should never start raising without making any preparations. Before raising Chihuahua, relevant preparations must be made in advance. In addition, we should learn about the breeding methods and skills of Chihuahua. Do know what to do, in the official breeding Chihuahua when not at a loss.

    1. Living environment. Chihuahua is not very selective about the environment, and its living area is not large (its size has been determined). Before Chihuahua enters the door, he should build a warm and comfortable dog’s Kennel, and buy a warm sleeping pad (especially in winter, the sleeping pad is necessary). Of course, if you are smart enough, the dog’s Kennel and the dog’s sleeping pad can also be made by yourself (each one doesn’t cost much money).

    2. Daily necessities. In addition to sleeping place, we should also prepare special food basin and drinking basin for Chihuahua. Although the pet dog has always been the closest friend of human beings, in terms of diet, it is better to prepare its own utensils. Dog’s food and diet are different from ours. Buy a professional dog food basin for it, it will be more convenient to eat and healthy.

    3. Ask for the family’s consent. This is mainly for friends who live with their families. Before raising a Chihuahua, you should ask your family for permission before you can raise it. If there are people at home who are against or dislike dogs, don’t be stubborn and just take them home with you for a while. It would be bad if there were family conflicts caused by Chihuahua. Of course, if you’re alone, you don’t have to worry about these problems. But we should also pay attention to whether we have enough time to take care of and accompany the pet dog, and whether we have enough and independent economic ability to raise it. If the answer is yes, you can raise Chihuahua; if the answer is no, you should not raise Chihuahua easily even if you like pet dogs any more, because once you raise a dog, it means that you should take responsibility for the whole life of the dog, and it is absolutely impossible to abandon the dog in the middle and other irresponsible behaviors.

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