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    Generally, we judge whether a dog is healthy or not and whether its appetite is normal. Dogs with poor appetite often have some problems. Of course, we can’t say that as long as dogs have poor appetite, it means they are ill. So what are the reasons that affect the dog’s appetite? Following will introduce it.

    There are many reasons that affect the dog’s appetite, but the main three points are as follows:
    1. In terms of feed, one is that the dog is unwilling to eat because of the single, fresh and peculiar smell of feed. Two is because the feed contains a large number of chemical condiments, or contains aromatic, spicy and other substances with a refreshing smell, as well as special sweet or salty food, all affect the appetite of dogs.

    2. The feeding place is not suitable, such as strong light, noisy, several dogs competing for food together, strangers or other animals interfering.

    3. If the above reasons are eliminated and the appetite is still not improved, the disease should be considered. It is necessary to observe whether there is any abnormal performance in all parts of the dog body and whether there are other corresponding symptoms besides poor appetite. If there are any, they should be sent to the hospital in time for examination. So when we find that the dog has no appetite, we should first check whether the food is fresh and try to feed other food to see if the dog has appetite. If the dog still has no appetite, it’s time to consider whether the dog’s body has any problems. It’s better to take it to a detailed examination to avoid delay.

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