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    Many pet owners who have dogs like to be fat like a dog think it looks cute. But the dog is too fat to the body is a hundred harm and no good, the dog is too fat will lead to a variety of diseases, so what are the reasons for the dog to become fat?

    Excessive food. Although it is said that dogs like to eat the food, which is the best care for them, it also needs to be limited! Many friends have no idea about this amount, just judge whether the dog is full by feeling! This will lead to the dog eat too much food, so step by step to make the dog fat! In fact, on the dog food bag we bought, there is a table of food consumption based on the dog’s body shape. You can choose according to your dog’s conditions! If you still don’t know, you can ask the dog food merchant to see how much your dog should eat each meal!

    Feed reason. Some nutrients in feed are unbalanced, some nutrients will make dogs unbalanced, the most common is the fat in dog food! This kind of excessive result is to make the dog fat quickly! In addition, dogs of different ages have different nutritional requirements for dog food, so when selecting dog food, you must pay attention to the type of feed, and carefully watch the nutritional ingredients in the feed to prevent excessive nutrition from fattening the dog!

    There are too many snacks. After eating dog food, we usually open a small stove for our dogs and give them some snacks to taste! This kind of behavior is not wrong, but it is very easy to lose degree! Because dogs can’t refuse delicious food. After eating dinner, if they smell snacks, they will be obliged to eat them. As time goes by, dogs will become chubby! Have a friend to say that his dog is feeding fruit, not meat, should not let the dog fat it! In fact, this idea is wrong, because the sugar content of many fruits is very high, if you feed too much, it will make the dog fat!

    Some friends said that they didn’t give the dog any good food, but they were still getting fat by neutering, so we can think about whether they did neutered for their dog! Because one of the sequelae of the sterilization operation is that the dog is easy to get fat, because without the reproductive system, the dog’s endocrine will change, and there will be metabolism problems, at this time, the dog will be very easy to lose control and get fat!

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