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    The good or bad choice depends on whether the dog likes to eat or not. After all, you can hear how good a dog food is boasted by those sellers. It’s no use buying your own dog food. Of course, there are many factors that affect the dog food. In terms of dog food itself, there are many reasons. Dog food is divided into dry food, semi-dry food and wet food.
    At present, the market is mainly dry food. Some owners think that the dry grain is too hard to absorb, so they always need to add water to soften the grain before feeding it to the dog. In fact, this is only suitable for weaned puppies, but we should pay attention to the leftover food in the rice basin every time, so as to prevent food deterioration and disease. The results showed that dogs eating soft food for a long time were easy to cause dental plaque and periodontal disease. High quality pet food is designed according to the characteristics of dogs, and its hardness is designed according to the mastication characteristics of dogs of different ages. So there’s no need to worry about dog food being too hard. For many small dogs, pet owners look at the large grains of food and worry for fear of choking on their pet. So when choosing grains, try to choose the ones with small grains. However, your carefulness is redundant and more likely to cause trouble.
    The particle size of famous brand pet food is the result of scientific experiments. Generally, it will be designed according to the different shapes and ages of dogs, which can be used safely. Because dogs eat mainly by swallowing, digestion starts from the stomach, choosing the right size grain can promote chewing, help to better absorption of food, and control the eating speed. But too small particle, because speeds up swallowing speed, but is easy to cause the dyspepsia. 

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