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    In fact, if you want to raise a dog, you don’t have to buy it yourself. There are many dogs waiting to be adopted in the animal adoption center. We can adopt one from there, which not only satisfies our desire to have a dog, but also contributes to the problem of no adoption of stray dogs. Maybe the adopted dog is not a purebred dog, but the dog is just for that feeling, and it doesn’t need to care about the pureness of the dog. But it should be noted that not all people can adopt dogs. What are the requirements for adopting dogs? We need to know.

    1. First, if the adopter really likes dogs, those who adopt dogs in the name of pet dogs and sell and kill dogs at last cannot adopt dogs.

    2. The adopter should have a certain economic strength. The most basic requirement is that the dog should have a warm living place and three meals a day. It is not recommended to adopt a dog if the adopter is unable to feed himself or herself.

    3. To adopt a dog, you need to take the dog to make a quarantine certificate. First, you need to obtain the dog immunity certificate, then you need to take the dog registration application form and the dog owner’s permanent residence or temporary residence certificate. You need to apply for a dog certificate when you go to the place designated by the local public security department for dog registration. Adopting a dog can not only satisfy his wish to have a dog, but also give his love. So if you don’t want to buy another dog, it’s a good choice.

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