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    Calcium is an essential element for dogs. It is not only the main component of dogs’ bones and teeth, but also maintains the normal activities of nerves and muscles. In addition, calcium also plays an important role in the process of blood coagulation and milk secretion.

    In general, 250 mg of calcium per kilogram of body weight per day is needed for adult dogs, while 500 mg is needed for growing dogs. If the dog is a large dog or the dog is pregnant or lactating, the owner may need to supplement calcium properly. In addition, the owner should pay attention to the fact that dogs who eat animal liver for a long time may lack calcium, because animal liver is rich in vitamin A, and vitamin A can inhibit the absorption of calcium, so dogs who eat animal liver for a long time should also supplement calcium?

    Young dogs are prone to rickets due to lack of calcium, and they may also have double row teeth, valgus of ribs, joint deformation, etc.; adult dogs will suffer from loss of appetite, dyspepsia, emaciation, osteoporosis and other symptoms due to lack of calcium; pregnant dogs will affect the growth of the fetus due to lack of calcium, and if pregnant dogs are lack of calcium after childbirth, they may show convulsion and inability to stand, and those who are serious will Causes shock and death. When dogs are short of calcium, their owners can add foods with high calcium content to their feed, such as dairy products, bone meal, etc. If the dog is seriously short of calcium, the owner will take them to the pet hospital for treatment, and the veterinarian will generally help the dog with calcium through drug treatment.

    Some dog owners will buy calcium tablets or calcium powder to supplement the dog’s calcium. However, the owner may need to consult with the veterinarian to determine the amount of calcium. If the dog supplements too much calcium, on the one hand, it will increase the possibility of stone formation in the urinary system, on the other hand, it will affect the dog’s absorption of other nutrients.

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