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    Zebrafish is a kind of small tropical fish, which generally matures at about 4 months old. At this time, zebrafish can be allowed to reproduce. But in order to ensure the survival rate of fish eggs, most zebrafish will be allowed to reproduce at 5-6 months.

    To see the sign of zebrafish breeding money, first of all, learn to look at the zebrafish male and female. In fact, the zebrafish male is very good at distinguishing between male and female. The male zebrafish has a long body, large fins, yellow body color, brown and yellow anal fins, with significant stripes. The female fish has a large body, light body color, blue and light yellow anal fins. After determining which is the female zebrafish, you can start to judge the zebrafish The characteristics of reproduction, that is to say, before reproduction, zebrafish’s stomach will obviously grow, and with a certain degree of temper, it will become big and fidgety. Some will run after the male, and when swimming, it is obviously not as flexible as before. In addition to its body shape, zebrafish’s reproductive aperture will be prominent, and at the same time, the lower part of its abdomen will appear pink, which will accompany it when it is about to spawn The increase in food intake, when this series of symptoms, that zebrafish breeding period.

    After knowing the signs before zebrafish reproduction, we should know how to take care of zebrafish in the breeding period. If there are other ornamental fish in the same tank, it is recommended to fish zebrafish in the isolation box for reproduction, so as to avoid being frightened by other ornamental fish. During the period, we should keep normal feeding, reduce water change, properly change water for stimulation, and speed up zebrafish reproduction.

    Through the article, we all know what are the signs before zebrafish reproduction. It’s important to learn to see the signs before zebrafish reproduction, because only in this way can we judge whether zebrafish is suitable for reproduction, and can ensure the survival rate of most eggs. After zebrafish reproduction, we need to isolate the eggs, so as to prevent the mother fish from devouring the eggs.

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