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    Do not often feed snacks dog food although it is relatively nutritious and more suitable for dogs, but most dog food is not very good taste. In addition, some owners often feed people’s food, which results in dogs’ less interest in dog food. However, for the sake of dog’s health, it is recommended to feed dog food. Of course, if the owner has some experience in making dog food, it is relatively safe.
    The reasons why dogs don’t like dog food are as follows:

    1. The time of feeding the same kind of dog food is too long. Although we don’t recommend changing the dog food too frequently, we don’t need to eat the same kind of dog food for a long time, otherwise dogs will not want to eat dog food. So sometimes dogs suddenly don’t want to eat dog food, and other situations are normal, try to give dogs a taste of dog food.
    2. Bad eating habits. Try to eat regularly and regularly, not irregularly, which is not conducive to the dog’s intestinal health, but also can make the dog develop bad eating habits.
    3. Parasites. Diseases caused by parasites in the body are also possible causes of low appetite. If this situation is hard to eat food, it may lead to deterioration of the situation. If the situation is serious, it is better to go to a doctor immediately. The best way to deal with parasites is to do a good job in prevention.
    4. Disease problem. Poor appetite is a very common symptom after dogs get sick. If dogs do not want to eat and have other adverse reactions, it is better to check first. It may be that dogs get sick.

    How to solve the problem that dogs are not willing to eat dog food:
    1. Develop good eating habits. Do not feed dogs one meal at a time, which is more than that one meal at a time. Such irregular eating habits will not only affect their intestines and stomachs, but also easily cause their problem of choosing food. So reasonably arrange the dog’s food and form a good work and rest time. Vitamin B can promote the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat, protein and other nutrients, promote digestion, improve the appetite of dogs, and judge the dosage according to the situation, can effectively improve the diet of dogs.
    2. If the weather is relatively hot, the appetite of dogs will also decrease, but this situation generally does not need to worry too much, pay attention to supplement the dog with enough water, and also can properly feed some fruits to supplement nutrition.
    3. Don’t feed too many snacks. One of the main reasons why dogs don’t want to eat dog food is that people eat too much snacks and too many snacks. Snacks can be used as seasoning in normal times. It’s no problem to feed dogs occasionally. But long time feeding can easily lead to dogs not eating dog food.
    4. Pay attention to proper exercise. Many dogs are basically staying at home all day long, and their activity space at home is quite limited, so in addition to a little activity, what they can do is sleep. The amount of exercise is less, so the energy consumption is less. If the owner feeds more at the last meal, the dog may not be hungry as fast, and the natural appetite is not very high. So don’t let the dog stay still all the time. Let the dog go for a walk. It can improve the physical quality of the dog and make the dog feel hungry and eat better.

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