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    Young children are usually not very sensible, so they do many things without knowing the importance, and they rarely estimate the feelings of others, so if they want to raise a dog at home with children, the first quality of the dog is tolerance. Therefore, when selecting dogs, it’s best to choose those dogs with gentle personality and strong inclusiveness. Of course, if the child is more sensible and won’t hurt the dog easily, then there will be many choices. However, no matter what age of the child, he should be with the dog under the supervision of someone, otherwise an accident may occur. Make sure the dog can run away from the child. When a child becomes rude or offensive, the dog should be able to keep away from the child by itself, or it will try to protect itself by growling or biting. Once it knows that it can defeat the child by roaring or biting, you need to focus on training and correcting to deal with some problems.

    For children, the most suitable breeds are beagle, Bernese (details), Bichon, Boston Terrier, boxer, Brittany, bulldog, Raccoon, British setter Foxhound, gothenzet, Irish setter, Dutch poodle, Labrador Retriever, mastiff, Newfoundland dog, Samoan, Terrier, vizler, golden retriever, etc. Among them, Golden Retriever is a very loyal, loving and friendly breed. It can also bear the rough behavior from children without being bored, and has a strong tolerance. Labrador retrievers are intelligent, caring, and can tolerate many bad treatment from children, but will not become grumpy. The Bourne mountain dog is a very good choice for its meekness and modesty. It is not suitable for children to raise such dogs as chow, big white bear, Chihuahua and Dachshund, because some of them are relatively independent and hard to get close to people, and some of them are too fond of collision, which may cause harm to children inadvertently.

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