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    Because many of their own border collies have not been delivered by their parents, so it is not clear when they will give birth, which leads to that they do not know when to ask for leave to accompany their family border. In this way, parents need to understand clearly what is the situation when the border is close to the time of giving birth, and what should we do? What are the symptoms of Border Collies before they give birth?

    Although the parents of Border Collies are not pet doctors who are specialized in breeding, in fact, through careful observation, you can easily investigate and deal with some symptoms of Border Collies before they give birth! According to a professional pet doctor, the dog’s perineum is swollen before delivery, and there is a small amount of bleeding from the vagina. The breast also starts to swell and extrudes the thick colostrum.

    s before delivery and return to normal 37.5-39 degC before delivery. During the 3-10 hours before delivery, some patients will suffer from loss of appetite, such as not eating or drinking, restlessness in sitting, yawning and groaning, even screaming, shortness of breath, frequent urination, scraping of cushion materials, subsidence of ischial tubercle at the tail, relaxation and wetness of the vulva, and a small amount of mucus. When the border collie begins to have a period of pain, it indicates that the Border Collie is about to produce. Owners remember to prepare delivery tools in advance, such as gloves, gauze and so on.

    If Border Collies can’t exert themselves in the process of production, or can’t be produced easily, parents can’t drag the puppies mechanically at this time, because the new puppies are very fragile, dragging them mechanically will not only drag the puppies to death, but also may damage the birth canal of the female dogs due to excessive use of brute force. So once dystocia occurs, it’s best to give it to a professional pet doctor for delivery.

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