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    Because the structure of dogs is different from that of our human beings, we often eat or even think very delicious food, which may cause dog poisoning. First of all, we must understand these foods and never feed them to dogs. Secondly, we need to know what symptoms the dog will have if he eats this kind of food by mistake, so that we can rescue him in time and prescribe the right medicine. Let’s take a look at it together with pocky’s editor.
    1. Onion. If the pet dog is poisoned by eating onion by mistake, the symptoms of the dog with slight poisoning are not obvious. Sometimes, the dog has poor spirit, poor appetite and discharges light red urine. Dogs with severe poisoning are characterized by depression, poor appetite or exhaustion, faltering walking, unwillingness to move, lying down, yellow conjunctiva or oral mucosa, rapid heartbeat, panting, weakness, discharge of dark red urine, normal or decreased body temperature.
    2. Chocolate. Chocolate contains a lot of derivatives of xanthine. If dogs eat too much chocolate, they will be poisoned, but parents often don’t notice. Dogs suffering from chocolate poisoning are usually highly excited, fidgety, energetic, sleepless, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremor and atrophy. Dogs with severe symptoms can cause death.
    3. Liver. If a pet dog is poisoned by vitamin A due to eating too much liver, its symptoms may be skeletal deformity, and the dog becomes anorexic and anorexic, and the body becomes emaciated and lose weight after a long time, which will cause skeletal deformity.
    Therefore, as the owner, we should have some relevant knowledge, which can be quickly found and sent to a doctor for treatment at the beginning of symptoms, so that the possibility of the dog being rescued is greatly increased.

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