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    Toys and food are a way to make dogs happy, but dogs can’t often be a kind of “heartless” animals. In general, they seldom dress deep and play melancholy there. As long as the owner feeds them on time and plays with them for a while, they can have a happy day.

    If the dog is quite dull, first of all, we should consider whether there is a problem in the dog’s body. If it is really due to disease, then as long as the dog’s body recovers, it will be good for the spirit and mood. The best way to make a dog happy is to know why the dog is unhappy, so that the right medicine can be given. Sometimes in training, if the owner scolds the dog because he is not satisfied with his performance, or punishes him by not giving him favorite food, it may cause the dog to be unhappy. But at this time, the owner should not try to please the dog after seeing his listlessness. Otherwise, once he has formed a habit, the dog may cheat for food or toys through this method, and he will feel that as long as he is unhappy, the owner will come to please him. In the long run, the dog may become more and more unscrupulous. Although most dogs are happy, there are also some dogs who are inexplicably sad. To keep them up, you can lure them with some food, but this method can not be used frequently, so as to avoid dogs learning to cheat eating and drinking. So we choose to give them some toys that they usually like to play to make them happy. The owner can also take this opportunity to play a game with the dog, so as to make the dog feel better and enhance their feelings.

    Caress and company are the best way to make dogs happy. In fact, for dogs, the care of their owners is more important than anything else. They are very happy to be accompanied by their owners, so caress usually makes dogs feel comfortable and relaxed. Because dogs are more dependent on people, this method can make them feel safe and happy naturally. Touching some sensitive parts of the dog, such as the stomach and chin, will also make the dog feel very comfortable. They will even show a very enjoyable expression. At this time, the dog’s mood is naturally very happy.

    Therefore, there are two ways to make dogs happy: food reward and toy reward. However, neither of these two ways can be used frequently to avoid adverse effects. The best way is to have more company and caress, which is the best way to make dogs happy.

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