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    Regularly grooming most dogs will carry certain parasites, and parasites are usually one of the main causes of dog skin diseases. Therefore, we will always emphasize that we should do a good job in dog care, and of course, we should regularly carry out external insect repellent for dogs. In addition to anthelmintics, which are the most simple and effective way to get rid of parasites, it is also necessary to clean the dog regularly, so we should be prepared for some useful tools. Water and comb are the best weapons to deal with a small number of parasites. If the number of parasites is not large, it can effectively improve these problems if the dog is bathed regularly and combed. When taking a bath, the temperature of the water can almost scald some parasites, and there are more natural insect killing ingredients in the bath milk, so there is no need to use other chemicals deliberately. Not only that, the dog’s skin will not be damaged, but also the frequency of bathing should not be too diligent, which will only make the dog’s skin resist Reduced resistance. For those dogs who love to move outside, no matter how long their hair is, it’s best to take a bath once a week during flea breeding season, and comb every inch of hair with a close toothed comb when doing cosmetology. The comb teeth of fleas are arranged closely with the teeth, so fleas can be removed from the hair. In addition to the regular bath, every day should also do a comb for the dog, you can comb the lice and other parasites, which can keep many dogs away from flea nuisance. But if fleas and other parasites are found every day when combing hair, and they are not one or two, and last for more than a week, then simply combing can’t achieve much effect, so it needs to be solved by insect repellents.

    1. Bathe and bathe the dog in the tub. Fill up a basin of water and control the water temperature at about 47 degrees. Don’t let the water run off, wash the hair carefully, deep to the skin, especially the ears, tail and abdomen where flea concentrate.

    2. Have your dog sit in the tub so you can drown fleas around your tail when you comb other parts of your hair.

    3. rinse the hair thoroughly for 5 minutes, then spray it with a portable sprayer or water it with a cup. When washing, plug the ears with cotton ball to prevent water from entering, or hold the ears and fold them over. If there are too many parasites, use anthelmintics.

    4. After washing, be sure to blow dry thoroughly, not only 8.9%.

    5. Finally, use a tick comb or a comb of appropriate size to slowly transport from the head to the tail. Make sure every comb is deep to the skin.

    6. If there are fleas, flea excreta and flea eggs, they can only be solved by drugs. To comb out flea, can point on a small amount of alcohol, burn it. Wash clean after all. Because of their hard shell, it’s not convenient to strangle them by hand, to ensure their complete death, so as not to affect the dog again.

    7. If there is no trace of flea after thorough cleaning, it is basically no problem. As long as you help the dog to comb the ground every day and take a bath for about a week (except for special circumstances), you can stay away from fleas. For a small number of parasites, it can only be solved by combing and bathing regularly, but if you can see many parasites or eggs after a long period of time, it is not necessary to consider that the most simple and effective way is to buy anthelmintics.

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