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    Greyhound is also called Greyhound, but it has many different characteristics from other dogs. For example, it has outstanding physique. Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world, which also lays a good foundation for its training. We can see the vigorous posture of Greyhound in many dog games. If the owner wants to train Greyhound What should do?
    1. The training of tracking temperature. The best way to train a Greyhound is for two people, one to watch and the other to run in front with the rabbit in his arms. This is also the training for the smell of greyhounds. You can start from the puppies. The training intensity should not be too high. It is better to slowly increase the training intensity.
    2. Capture training. At the beginning of the capture training, you can tie the legs of the rabbit, so that you can control the speed of the rabbit very well, and then carry out the capture training. Must let it have the clear tracking consciousness to the goal, the master must carry on the containment at any time in the side.
    3. Field training. Field training is the last step of training, which is best carried out on the premise that the first two training are solved, and the training time must be paid attention to. If the Greyhound has other problems, or is not suitable for field training, it needs more guidance and rewards, so that it can gradually adapt to the current field. Greyhound speed is more than 60 kilometers per hour, up to 66 kilometers, which is the fastest running dog in the world. Greyhound also has elegant temperament, beautiful body structure, sharp alertness and rich feelings. There are rules. When walking, the gait is smooth, and when running, it is as fast as flying. Greyhound can accurately hunt down small sensitive animals, which is a rare good dog!

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