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    After the dog eats meat, pay attention to clean up the mouth. Besides eating dog food, the dog can also be properly provided with some snacks and nutrients to balance the nutrition needed by the dog. There are many kinds of food, whether it’s meat dishes, vegetarians or nutrients, which can be properly fed to dogs. The types of food dogs can eat are generally divided into the following categories.
    1. Meat: meat can provide dogs with a balanced diet of all the nutrients. A lot of fat contained in minced meat is the main source of energy for puppies. However, it is generally not recommended to feed the dog too much meat, and it is better to help the dog clean his mouth after feeding and playing with meat. Because the meat is easy to get stuck in the dog’s teeth, if not cleaned, the food will go bad slowly, thus damaging the dog’s teeth. It also has a great impact on the dog’s mouth.
    2. Eggs: eggs are rich in nutrition, but they are usually fed with yolk for dogs. It should also be noted that if dogs suffer from skin diseases, it is better not to feed them again, otherwise it will easily lead to recurrence of skin diseases.
    3. Animal viscera: the animal viscera is rich in protein and fat, and the liver of the animal contains little calcium, but the content of phosphorus is very high, and it can provide rich vitamin A, but never feed the liver and other viscera for a long time, otherwise it is not good for the dog’s health.

    Vegetarianism: Different from cats, dogs are not completely carnivorous animals. They need proper vegetables to help them digest better. As part of a balanced diet, choose fresh vegetables such as cabbage and potatoes. Some owners advocate full quality dogs, but considering the balance of nutrition, this approach is not recommended.

    The dog should be able to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet. However, it is still necessary to supplement appropriate amount of vitamins during the development stage or disease recovery process of puppies. Growing puppies usually need calcium supplements. They can eat calcium tablets or bone meal. If you want to give your dog vitamins, you should take them under the guidance of a veterinarian, because it is harmful for the body to take too many supplements.

    Chewable products: Strictly speaking, chewable products are not food, but just a kind of feed, milk molar stick, etc. Growing puppies need hard chews to hone their teeth and eyes. This kind of chewing exercise is very beneficial to their teeth health. Chewables usually contain very little heat and are better used than bones. Because the bones are often fragile, and easy to break the dog’s teeth. When choosing this kind of food, we should pay attention to the proper volume. Some chewables can’t be eaten. Once swallowed, the dog will suffer from indigestion and other problems, and may get stuck in the dog’s esophagus.

    Special food: If the dog is recovering from a serious illness or is in the process of recovering from the disease, then we need to feed some different food. If it’s a small disease that has just recovered, it’s best to start with congee. In this way, it can reduce some stimulation to the dog’s stomach and adjust it slowly after the dog recovers completely.

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