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    We need to balance the feeding of dogs. If you only feed dog food for a long time, it will cause dog malnutrition. Some vegetables and fruits can be fed properly. But not all vegetables are suitable for dogs. Some of them may even be fatal. Following will show you details the vegetables that dogs can’t eat.

    In our daily life, onion is also called onion. Why can’t dogs eat onions? Because it can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs. If the situation is serious, life may be lost. If parents often take their dogs out to eat fast food, they must not give them pizza, because pizza basically contains onions, once eaten, it is dangerous.

    Mushrooms. In fact, normal mushrooms can be given to dogs. But the most frightening thing is that once the dog is familiar with the taste of mushrooms, once he encounters poisonous mushrooms in the wild, he will eat them without hesitation. And what’s going to happen, everyone will think about it. So try not to give it mushrooms in daily life, which can effectively prevent it from eating wild poisonous mushrooms.

    Potatoes. Potatoes can be given to dogs, but potato skins or sprouted potatoes are poisonous. Never give them to dogs. When people eat potatoes, they will gouge out the sprouting places and knock out the skin of potatoes. For a small creature like a dog, eating a little, skin or sprouted potatoes can cause food poisoning.

    It is suggested that parents should feed their dogs scientifically in their daily life. If you don’t think it’s good, give it more food, if you don’t think it’s good, give it less. Believe in science, believe in knowledge, can make dogs more healthy.

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