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    Many new dog owners may make a lot of mistakes because they are not very experienced. In fact, there are many things that can’t be done in the breeding of dogs. Following will talk about what I can’t do to my dog.

    1. Corporal punishment is the most effective training method some parents think that if the dog does something wrong or fails to achieve the desired effect in the training process, as long as they are given corporal punishment, they can make it correct. In fact, this wrong idea. This may not only fail to achieve the desired effect, or even some dogs may be rebellious. The more you punish it, the more disobedient it is, and it may also damage your relationship. In fact, the right way is that it doesn’t listen to you and you don’t pay attention to it after criticizing it, even if it forces qubaba to ask for hugs and touch.

    2. Bathe your dog frequently. Basically once a week or half a month. The interval between showers in cold weather can also be extended. If you bathe your dog too often, it will damage the grease on the dog’s skin. If you lose the skin protection, your normal dog will be more likely to suffer from skin diseases.

    3. Human bath products for dogs are different from our skin in acid and alkali. If we use human bath gel for dogs, the hair of dogs will be dry, and the skin will be more prone to dandruff after a long time.

    4. Keep the dog holding urine for a long time, if the parents can’t guarantee that the dog can go out to excrete freely when he wants to excrete, it’s better to prepare a dog toilet for him at home, because the dog will only excrete at the place he thinks. Otherwise, the time of holding urine for a long time has an impact on its urinary system.

    5. Feeding dogs with all kinds of food. Parents should not think that there is no problem in feeding dogs with human liver. They should know that although the liver is rich in vitamin A, frequent eating for a long time can easily lead to vitamin A poisoning and loss of calcium in dogs. Eating too much human food also has a heavy burden on kidneys.

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