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    Chihuahua’s recognition is very high, and her ears are sharp and big, which is quite lovely. Chihuahua is not fussy about food and is easy to raise, but the owners need to pay attention to some foods that Chihuahua can’t eat.
    1. Avoid feeding Chihuahua some salty and high calorie foods such as watercress, which will dehydrate and fatten the pet.

    2. Candy biscuits with high sugar content will reduce Chihuahua’s appetite, cause malnutrition, and even cause diarrhea or vomiting. Chocolate, in particular, can kill dogs.

    3. There is too much fat in meat like ham, which is not easy to digest for Chihuahua. Moreover, it contains a lot of seasonings, which will harm its digestive system.

    4. Bones (fish bones, chicken bones) are also very dangerous food for Chihuahua, which should be avoided.

    5. In addition to water, don’t drink other drinks for Chihuahua. For example, soda water contains too much sugar and additives. Alcohol is also harmful to dogs, and too much can kill dogs.

    6. Onions can increase the taste of food, but eating too much will cause hemolysis. Garlic also contains a lot of toxins that can cause blood poisoning in dogs. If you feed it too much, it won’t work.

    7. Dry dog food is the killer of Chihuahua, so it can’t be fed directly.

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