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    There are lots of necessary things and supplies you need to know and prepare for your cat: 1.Cat Cage/Bed-First you can use this as cat’s house for better familiar with new house; 2. Water Dispenser/Bowl-Choose the right type according to your house condition; 3. Food Bowl-Choose the right size and material bowl for your cat; 4.Carring Box/Backpack-You will use it when taking your cat outdoor travelling or hospital for health examination; 5. Scratching Board- Help your cat grind their paw; 6. Cat Litter Box and Litter- The place for excretion for your cat; 7. Cat Grooming Brush Comb-It can help you to groom for your cat to remove shedding hair and massage for cat which is good for preventing skin disease; 8. Cat Teaser- It is a good helper to solve the inactivity of cats and enhance the relationship between you two. All above supplies are necessary for getting a cat, but you can prepare other things according to your needs.

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