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    We all know that a lot of people have foot odor, especially the shoes with plastic soles. Is there going to be foot odor in Alaska? What is the cause of foot odor? What causes Alaskan foot odor?

    Of course, it should be ruled out first that whether Alaska accidentally stepped on the stool, except for stepping on the stool, the foot odor in Alaska is generally caused by fungi. Only the presence of fungi on the body is the source of taste, not necessarily the taste on the feet. However, parents also need to wipe the limbs and excretory organs of Alaska after walking. Because when walking dogs, Alaska will probably defecate, so the excretory organs must also be wiped.

    In addition, if it’s spring and autumn, when the eggs are the most, you should also avoid moving on the grassland at this time, so as to avoid carrying ticks and fleas, which may be infectious diseases. And don’t let Alaska go to any messy places, such as near the electric poles, garbage cans and other dirty places, because it will be easier to carry pathogens. When you get home, don’t rush Alaska into the room. You can use 65% alcohol to spray wet the dog’s paws and let them volatilize naturally. Or walk back to wash the feet more for golden hair. It’s best to use the bath milk specially for pets. Then spray some talcum powder on golden hair’s feet, but pay attention not to do too much to avoid dirtying the home.

    But in addition to Alaska foot odor, it may be other places that cause Alaska body odor, and halitosis is also a very serious problem, which has something to do with Alaska’s normal diet and food.

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