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    Border Collie is a very lively dog, because obedience, during the training period is also relatively easy, because many parents love, in the past two years, more and more people are raised. What happens if you find a Border Collie’s nose peeled? What causes the nose peeling of Border Collies The Border Collie’s nose peeling is likely to be caused by skin diseases. The Border Collie’s skin diseases generally include mites, fungal infections, eczema, dermatitis and other diseases. If the Border Collie has skin diseases, it must remember to use drugs in time for treatment.

    Generally speaking, after having skin diseases, it may begin to shed hair, and it will continue to turn red, and the border The shepherd dog will scratch the position repeatedly, so the owner should pay more attention to it at this time. You can shave off this part of the hair, and then use the medicine to smear it repeatedly. You can go to the pet hospital directly to buy some anti-inflammatory drugs that are specially used to treat skin diseases. The effect will be very good. You must remember that at this time, you must not let the border shepherd dog scratch the position vigorously Otherwise, it is easy to cause bacterial and fungal infection, and it will cause the skin disease area to become larger and larger, and then it will become more and more troublesome.

    Of course, some skin diseases are not caused by infection. They are often caused by unbalanced nutrition. For example, it’s easy to eat special food or single dog food at ordinary times. Therefore, the owners should pay attention to eating all kinds of food evenly for Border Collies at ordinary times, so as to make them more nutritious Some, is advantageous in enhances the border shepherd dog’s resistance and the immunity, thus lets the border shepherd dog be healthier.

    So when parents see the nose peeling of Border Collies at home, they don’t need to panic and worry. It’s useless. The best way is to send them to the pet hospital as soon as possible, judge the cause of the disease and treat them accordingly.

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