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    For Golden Retriever, many parts of the body are particularly important for them. For example, the foot pad of golden retriever can replace the sweat gland of the whole body to dissipate heat, and the nose of golden retriever can smell, and you can check whether the nose is dry or wet to observe whether the body is healthy. Under what circumstances can golden retrievers cause nose dryness?

    And careful dog owners will find such a situation. No matter when the golden hair is, it will lick the nose with its tongue. By licking the nose, the nose will become wetter, which can effectively protect the golden hair’s nose. But many dog owners will also find such a situation. Sometimes the Golden Retriever’s nose is dry and cracked. What’s the reason for this? If the golden hair is on fire, there will be a dry nose.

    Another situation is that golden hair may have parvovirus. Once it has parvovirus, the nose will be dry and diarrhea may occur. Another possibility is that golden hair got dog plague. Golden hair will also have dry nose symptoms and high fever after getting dog plague. If the nose is dry and cracked due to the fire, in this case, you can drink more water for the golden hair and add some glucose into the water, which can effectively alleviate the fire of the golden hair.

    If Golden retriever has parvovirus, he should go to the hospital for treatment at this time. The most serious problem is that if you have canine distemper or parvovirus, these two diseases will cause a particularly high mortality rate of golden retriever, especially in puppies. If you find golden retriever with a cracked nose and poor mental state, you should send it to a pet hospital as far as possible to make a diagnosis, so as to avoid the real canine distemper or smallness affecting the treatment time.

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