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    What disease is Parvovirus? It is mainly manifested as gastrointestinal diseases and myocarditis. Parvovirus dogs are very harmful, infectious and have a high mortality rate. When dogs suffer from Parvovirus, they usually show vomiting, hemorrhagic diarrhea, stench of defecation and lack of energy, emaciation, loss of appetite and so on.

    The incubation period of natural infection is 7-14 days. At the beginning of the disease, fever and body temperature can reach 40 degC or above. The patient is depressed, does not eat and vomits. At the beginning, vomitus is food, that is, mucoid and yellow green liquid. Diarrhea began one day after onset. At the beginning of the disease, the stool is congee like, with the development of the course of the disease, the stool is brown or Tomato Brown, fetid, and the number of defecation is uncertain. After bloody stool, the sick dog can show eyeball depression, dry nose, general weakness, and obvious weight loss. At the same time, the eye conjunctiva is pale, and severe anemia symptoms can be seen. If the disease is not treated in time, it can cause toxin absorption of intestinal contents and poisoning, resulting in shock and fainting of the body Death by obsession. The initial vomitus is food, i.e. mucous, greenish yellow or blood. Diarrhea began about one day after onset. At the beginning of the disease, the feces are thin. With the development of the disease, the feces are brown or tomato sauce like bloody stool.

    Parvovirus is what disease after the number of increase, blood with a special smell. After a few hours of bloody stool, the dogs showed severe dehydration, eyeball depression, dry nose, skin elasticity and weight loss. In severe cases of intestinal hemorrhage, endotoxin poisoning and disseminated intravascular coagulation can be caused by intestinal contents corruption, resulting in shock and coma. If the enteritis type canine parvovirus disease can be treated timely and reasonably, the mortality can be reduced. Myocarditis type is usually seen in 4-6 week old puppies, often without precursory symptoms, or only with mild diarrhea, then suddenly weakened, groaning, mucous membrane cyanosis, extremely difficult to breathe, fast and weak pulse, heart auscultation noise, often in a few hours sudden (possibly due to acute respiratory depression) death, autopsy can see the heart dilation, pale myocardial stripes, congestive heart failure.

    Parvovirus is not a zoonotic disease. It can only be transmitted to dogs, not to humans. If there are other dogs in the house, the sick dogs should be isolated from the healthy dogs as soon as possible, and the dog shelter should be disinfected. When the dog is found to be Parvovirus, it should be forbidden to eat and water, and the dog should be sent to the pet hospital in time.

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