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    Alaskan sleigh dogs are simple and lovely in appearance, large in size, well-developed in muscle and gentle in character. It has a high return rate to take out. What does the Alaskan sled dog eat fast? What are the foods they can’t eat?

    Alaskan sled dogs must pay attention to reasonable nutrition and balanced nutrition. Generally, dog food is nutritious, scientific in formula, and also takes into account the digestion and absorption capacity of dogs. Parents can choose suitable dog food according to the dog’s age and weight.
    In addition, when feeding Alaskan sled dogs, we can also choose fresh vegetables. Vegetables contain a lot of cellulose, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help defecate. Soluble dietary fiber can also increase the number of intestinal probiotics. For example, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, broccoli and sweet potato can be fed. But not all vegetables can be eaten. Parents should not give dogs a lot of tomatoes and onions. Dogs will suffer from hemolytic anemia if they eat onions.
    You can also choose mutton and chicken with less fat. It should be noted that do not feed dogs, such as chicken bones and fish bones, because they may cut the intestines, stab the gastrointestinal mucosa of dogs and cause traumatic gastroenteritis. People should not feed their food to Alaskan sled dogs, such as chocolate or foods with high salt content and other foods that stimulate cold and raw. The stomach of Alaskan sled dog is not very good, and it is particularly vulnerable to diarrhea due to the influence of diet and environment. Parents can add some probiotics when feeding dogs to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion. You can add a small amount of lecithin to your dog’s food.

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