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    The nutritious food provided by the owners to the dogs was more complex and time-consuming than now. Previous owners believed that fresh beef, vegetables, Cereals, egg yolks and milk should be included in the daily ration, in addition to beer yeast or other vitamins.

    However, in recent years, there has been a change of view on the necessity and even benefits of this approach. Daily food, such as egg yolk and milk, is still provided every day, but the basic method has changed. What is taught in the school also thinks that “dog food made in large quantities for dogs is better than dog food mixed in the kitchen.”.

    In order to ensure their nutrition balance, owners of large dogs like Doberman often add some extra feed such as egg yolk and beef in their dog food. In fact, this practice often leads to dogs being picky about food. As long as the proper dog food is selected, it can ensure the daily nutrition of Doberman dogs. If the owner does not add the auxiliary materials in the right proportion, it will lead to the dog’s nutrition imbalance.

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