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    Dogs in weaning period need to adapt to the change from breast milk to dog food. On the one hand, the gastrointestinal development of dogs is not complete, on the other hand, the resistance is relatively weak. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the diet of dogs in this transitional period.

    1. Basic rules of diet. Dogs in the weaning period should eat some food that is easier to absorb and digest. Stimulating, greasy and hard food should be avoided.

    2. What to feed. You can choose the right milk powder for dogs and dog food for puppies. Special attention should also be paid to feeding puppies with milk powder and food. The dog food should be soaked in warm water first, then it can be mixed with the prepared milk powder and fed to the puppies. According to the pup’s physical condition, determine the viscosity of mixing. The soft food will not burden the dog’s intestines and stomach, but also can meet the nutrition needed for the growth of puppies.

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