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    The frequency of bathing should not be too high. After washing, a lot of dogs are completely dried and suffer from skin diseases because the frequency of the owner’s bathing is too high, which reduces the protection of oil on the skin, and after washing, the coat is not dried in time, thus providing a favorable living environment for fungi. In addition, dogs suffering from skin diseases are not unable to bathe, but still need to pay attention to the frequency of bathing and the items used in bathing.
    Some owners don’t dare to bathe their dogs after they hear that their skin disease is caused by bathing. In fact, don’t worry. It’s still OK to take a bath. At first, you can wash the dog once with the bath fluid used by the dog, and then wash it clean. After that, we will take a medicine bath. We will apply the medicine to the dog just as we do to the dog, then wash the dog, and finally wash the dog. The function of medicated bath is to help the recovery of skin diseases. The medicated solution used for skin diseases caused by different factors is also different. So before we use it, we must know what kind of skin disease the dog is suffering from, otherwise even if we use it, it will not have much effect.
    The most important thing is to dry as much as possible after washing. It’s really a time-consuming and laborious job. But for the sake of the dog’s health, it’s necessary to dry the coat completely. If you want to save time, you can buy a high-power water blower, which can save a lot of effort. However, the sound of the relative water blower is relatively loud, so you need to let the dog get used to it.

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